Friday, November 20, 2009

* Grand Oprah / Soap Oprah

Grand Oprah / Soap Oprah

Today, Oprah gave the world an 18 month teary eyed countdown to her disappearance from the daytime television slot she will have held for 25 years when that countdown comes to an end.

I do not want to talk about the trivial Tom Cruise Oprah; the celebrity interviewer; the perfume and toaster gift giver Oprah: the Soap Oprah.

It is the intellectual and philanthropic Oprah ; the Grand Oprah who deserves praise here: for making reading an exciting passtime again for millions; for bringing sexual abuse out of the closet; for interviewing those who have overcome health challenges and those who have done good in the midst of evil; for being a leader for women (Even Sarah Palin thanked Oprah on her show last week for setting an example for women as a woman who could do it all, when Palin was younger and assessing her own aspirational compass); and, for letting us know the truth of what we see before our very eyes every day: that the richest woman in the world is unhappy and drugs herself with food.

Money; fame; power; cosmetic youth: Dust in the wind.

Ask Liberace.