Wednesday, November 25, 2009

* A Half Century-Plus of First Amendment Calisthenics

1948: Christopher and Paul Keane (L-R)

We grows like Topsy: Look what a half-century will do.

1998 (Fifty years later): Christopher and Paul Keane (L-R)

A Chronology of Free Speech:

The Buzzing Bulletin,
neighborhood newspaper (planting the seed: 1955, Mt. Carmel, CT)

Certificate of Congratulations to Sir Winston Churchill on His American Citizenship
(1963, Hamden High School)

Teach-In on Racism (1968, Ithaca College's first teach-in ever: 800 of the 2500 student body attended)

NAABP : National Association for the Advancement of Bearded People (1969, Ithaca, New York)

The Petition to President Nixon for a Federal Grand Jury (1971, Kent State University: July 31 entry, this blog .

Pop's Snow Squad (1971-3, Kent State University : August 5th video entry, this blog . Note: Do NOT move tab forward on video for THIS selection)

The Implosion Pad (1973, Wright Hall, Kent State University)

Permanent Placement of the Granville-Jackson sculpture in Memory of the Kent State slain (1974, Center for Peaceful Change, Kent State University)

The May 4th Resource Room (1973, Kent State University Library)

The First Church of Synergy (1976, Yale Divinity School)

Holy Smoke: Opinionation from Holy Hill (1976, Yale Divinity School) See November 12 entry this blog "The Arrogant Young Prince at Yale"

Kent State F.A.C.T. (First Amendment Conservation Task-force)(1977, Yale Divinity School and Kent State University)

The Kent State Collection at Sterling Memorial Library, Manuscripts and Archives Division (1978, Yale University)

Macintosh Centennial: Restoration of the Douglas Clyde Macintosh Fellowship and Portrait ( 1978, Yale Divinity School)

A.I.D.S. : AIDS Information Dissemination Service (1983, Yale/New Haven community)

Thornton Wilder Desk and Memorabilia permanent display, Miller Memorial Library (1976-85, Mayor's Bicentennial Commission, Hamden, CT)

[23 years fallow?]

Macintosh Chalice Donation (2008, Yale Law School: July 31 entry, this blog)

NABNABB : Neither a Bystander Nor a Bully Be (2009, White River Junction, VT)

The Anti-Yale
(2009 see 12 other blogs under "My Profile" or go to "History is Bunk" post for November, this blog.

Talking Turkey
( 2009, Public Access Television, Channel 10, White River Junction, VT)